Lately, a lot of ups and downs in the smartphone market have forced many good players to go broke OR partner with rivals. Nokia’s daring step to go into “strategic partnership” with Microsoft is due effect, tomorrow.

But you know what? We’ve heard it before Nokia’s big event tomorrow and we present to you the first ever Nokia Phones on Windows Phone 7. Namely, two of them.

Lumia 800
Lumia 800 Leaked

Lumia 810 Leaked

Looks a lot like the Nokia N9, infact it’s a design replica.  It features a 512 Mb RAM and 50 hrs music playback support and NO MicroSd slot. Fair enough. The startling feature, its running WP 7!
What excites me the most is, will the hardware get a long well with the software?

Lumia 710

Lumia 710 Leaked

Lumia 710 Leaked

Lumia 800 is supposed to be the higher end model while Lumia 710 serves as the bottom. It looks “cheaper” and also lacks a MicroSd Slot.

For now treat them as rumors if you want, till they’re proven right tomorrow. Thanks WinRumors.