It’s never bad to have alternatives, right? Windows and Mac are the current highest market share holders in the computer OS area, but we always require an alternative. To prevent market domination or to enforce healthy competition. Ubuntu was made for this purpose, or even if it wasn’t, it’s still doing it.

Ubuntu was destined to enter the smarphone and tablet market. It’s very obvious because if it wants to survive it has to adapt to the changing computing devices. Canonical (Creator of Linux) founder, Mark Shuttleworth is going to announce the future plans at Ubuntu Developer Summit. He says Version 14.04 – April 2014 will see the launch of the OS on tablets and phones.

Ubuntu Unity Interface

They have been in talks with partners for over 18 months and the OS is going to land on ARM powered tablets which are predicted to be out next year.

I can’t deliver a product schedule yet, Ubuntu is already working with hardware partners to bring products to market. As progress is made Ubuntu will take the device-specific code, open source it, and roll it into standard Ubuntu ~ Mark Shuttleworth, Founder – Canonical.

Even Ubuntu’s desktop interface moreover looks like it’s meant for a tablet. It’s too simple to be on a Desktop. The release of the new unity interface was a signal that they’re eyeing touch devices. I don’t think they can really melt a rock because they cannot match the magnitude of iOS or Windows Developers in just few years. Via ZDNet.