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Yes. I am not joking! You can make a social networking very easily! Its very simple! Follow my simple steps and then you are another Mark Zuckerberg! One extra feature will also be there that your users can create their own blogs too! The best thing is that you can even make some good money out of it by monetizing it with Adsense!

Here’s what you need to do.

1.  Buy some hosting Space with Php enabled and  database support or use a free hosting like
2. This step is the most important. You need to download WordPress Mu from and after you do that extract the components in your hosting panel. You need to install it on your web-server. read my post on How to install WordPress Mu.
3. After having intalled it’s time to make the real thing. Go to and download buddypress combo.
4. After downloading it now go to your host control panel and got to file manager or if you use ftp it will be much easier. Now having logged in go to WordPress installtion folder >> WP content >> Mu-Plugins >> and then upload all the files except the BUddypress theme. Now extract the contents.
5. Now go to WordPress installtion folder >> WP content >> Themes >> and upload the Buddypress theme over there. But wait more’s left. Now after doing it extract the files and open the file. You will file two folders. One with BUddypress- theme and other member theme. Now move the member themes to Wp-Content folder. Now login as administrator.
6. Go to site Admin and keep registrations on. Thats it! You have made it!
7. But how to get traffic? Heres a list of my posts which will surely help you create a huge user base within short time (i did it in 6 months – PR 0 to PR 3!)
8. See a Example – Check out my social Networking website at