The Question which haunts most of the Bloggers – “When will my blog get famous?” Β THe answer is much more simple than it looks. It will get famous only when you will work hard to make it famous.

Every Blog has “The Post”, which is just a single post and makes the Blog famous. So IF it’s tech news what your blogging and if you are able to crack the most unique new and your the first one to post about it you are on the way to success.

Now if you blog about Life and you wrote an excellent post about time Management and few bloggers came accross it like it posted about your blog post, digged it and so on… It’s Famous.

Another thing can happen. You wrote a post about the Craziest Celebrities and people liked it and you blog post appears on the first page of Digg, you are Famous.

Pratically Speaking that “One Post” can change the shape of your blog. If that’s famous obviously other people would love to read more from you so they will browse through your other posts and if it is Good enough they will even subscribe it.

Now if you write like 10-20 such posts then you are a rockstar! Very Simple isn’t it? But then why aren’t all Bloggers Famous? It’s because everyone cannot Post ” The Cracking Post” so if you want to see you have it or not then Go Blog about this post now!