Recently we had posted about Microsoft planning for a 100 million dollar campaign for it’s brand new search engine, Bing.

Bing, as it’s name says – “Because It’s Not Google”. Bing comes geared up with features which Google was not able to provide users with. In one of the Offer’s Microsoft will pay it’s searchers for buying products via Bing. Another great feature is the Airline fare calculator which make’s it easy for people to find when the air fares will remain low.

Bing, has given a reason to all the Googler’s why they should shift to Bing and it’s Simplicity. Bing is a search engine which provide very organized search results. 

Telling you we found 47 million links isn’t always a great response to your query

Bing will get more targeted results for users and help them save time and along with that they will be able to gain much more than just information but knowledge too via Maps and many other interactive modes. For People who shop online Bing will be the best place to look out for goods because Bing will provide searchers with complete products reviews, Ratings and will help you compare prices easily.

For Restaurant goers, Bing is for you. Just type type of restaurant, for example “French Restaurants”, Bing will quickly give you the location, reviews of the restaurants and so on. 

Bing will be released on June 3rd. Till then you can go and check out their website on