Blogging seem to be a new thing buzzing up around (Atleast in India) 🙂 and so it’s obvious that people do love to to pick up new thing, Experiment and try new things with it, Right?

Loads of bloggers start blogging because the have heard that you can make “Money” from it. Yes, i might find it funny but yes, this terms very popular and that becomes the main reason for people to start blogging.

Now comes the sad but true part of the story. 85% of the bloggers quit blogging after about a month with their blog and these people are all those people whose main aim is to Make money by blogging. It’s next to Impossible to start making money from your blog in less then one month, except some 🙂

So the root of the Problem is “Money”. Just a tip from me, Try Blogging because you like it, because you love the Topic and writing. Make money the secondary thing. Put all your hard work behind the blog and keep reading, Always as it does help you more and more things which will help you with your blog.

Moral of the Story is that Don’t keep the intention of making money…. Go ahead and write about what you love, your passion and you will succeed!