Often people complain about having their mobile phone battery empty very fast and they have to regularly keep on charging it without even using it too much.

Well, these are some handy and easily applicable tips to save your mobile phone battery:

  • Switch of the phone when not required. When people go to sleep they leave the phone on, this causes loss in battery without even using it, rather switch it off if not in use. When in a remote area, switch off the phone because the phone isn’t able to find network but it still wastes its energy trying to find it, better to switch it off.
  • Keep the vibrator function of the phone off. The ringing tone is enough. Even try to keep the volume of the ring tone as low as possible.
  • Keep the Bluetooth always off unless needed. Bluetooth drains the battery. With Bluetooth on near virus-infected phone may cause damage to the phone.
  • If your phone has features in the phone like Wi-Fi and GPS, keep them also off as they also eat up the battery.
  • When you know that you will recharge your phone after a long period of time, avoid using features which would drain up battery. For example flash photography. It completely exhausts the battery very quickly.
  • Keep the back-light in the phone either off or put the back-light timer really low. This will minimize the depletion of the battery power.  Some phones have light sensor, it switches off the back-light when there is light around and turns it on when light is not there or it is minimal.
  • Try keeping calls as short as possible as this will also minimize the depletion of battery. Talk abt the main point or if the call is getting extended unnecessarily then make an excuse and cut off.  If you really have a will to conserve battery talk to the point and for a limited time.

Hope this post will help everyone to save their battery and will be free from the complaints of battery exhaustion without using it much.