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TechFest 2010 – Day 1 and Day 2 Roundup

TechFest is a festival celebrating technology, neat? Anyway this event is held at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Its a really huge event . Well i spent my todays day there. quite an amazing place and even more when with my friend Monik Pamecha (Editor at Etiole). The campus is huge and if one walks all the [&hellip

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Tips on how to Save Cell phone battery

Often people complain about having their mobile phone battery empty very fast and they have to regularly keep on charging it without even using it too much. Well, these are some handy and easily applicable tips to save your mobile phone battery: Switch of the phone when not required. When people go to sleep they [&hellip

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Revive your Rechargeable Batteries!

The Batteries sometimes suffer from many problems. Because we use Ac power the Batteries suffer from Chemical Problems. So here we are trying to revive two batteries which were made in 2005. If you have any NiCd or NiMH batteries that won’t hold their charge, you can often revive them. Revive Rechargeable Batteries by using following methods. [&hellip

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