An avid Twitter user and also an active blogger myself, I used to update about my new blogposts to my many followers on Twitter by posting the link of the posts to my timeline occasionally. Now it can be a really tiring job (if you happen to update your blog on a regular basis) to post the links everytime you do another blogpost. So,that day this thought flashed to my mind, that why not I create a Twitter account for my blog also.

The basic concept behind this being whenever I update any new blogpost, the account will automatically extract the RSS feeds from the blog and hence post the same in the timeline of the account, so that the other tweeps following can go through them. Thus it will be helpful to none other than me, otherwise which I would have needed to toil the same over and over again.

The next step was to execute this thought to reality, which is obviously the tougher part among the two. So, I set myself some priorities to do so:

  1. First, I have to get myself acquainted with the concept of RSS feeds to the extent that if any problem arises in the middle I wouldnot have to ask for help to anyone. Not that I didn’t know anything about RSS feeds from before. But this determination payed me off later,while working on it.

I read about RSS feeds extensively here:

2.The next priority was to find a good enough and deterministic way to embed the RSS feeds of my blogposts into the twitter account extensively. Initially I thought this would be a tough one to do, but turned out it’s the easiest part. More of it coming later.

Now priorities being set, plans being done, it’s time to execute. Finding a definite way to embed the RSS feeds to the twitter account, rather choosing it was a tough call, since there are a few ways to do so. Though a coder myself, am still not that acquainted enough with the process of editing the API of the twitter account to get the RSS feeds embedded. So, I had to do something which will help me to aboid these intricacies. A friend helped this time- none other than @monikkinom. He gave me the link to this website:

And that did the rest of the work for me. What I did was to sit back and enjoy, though I had to get the Twitter account of my blog(@_M_A_D) created by this time and extract out the RSS feeds link from my blog through the Google feedburner I happen to use.

There's my blog's Twitter account churning the feeds!

There's my blog's Twitter account churning the feeds!

And thus, I was done.

Apart from that, if you’ve got a Self Hosted WordPress, then you can download the plugin developed by @monikkinom, which does the work of posting latest posts to your twitter account simple by just installing the plugin and setting up your Twitter Account. The Plugin is available here.