Last time i went to a social meetup. When i asked people i met, what they did about 80% of said that they were bloggers. Now i next time i meet anyone i would clear it up, please don’t give me shit that your a blogger.

Today, from Top Ceo’s to 9 Year old kids, all are bloggers. These days a lot of guys come online thinking that by starting a blog they will be able to generate as much money that would help them to live the rest of their life without working anywhere else. What a Big #fail idea.

I had local newspapers who guaranteed authors to earn three digit US Dollar online working only 2 hours a day. When i tried to contact one of these guys to find out what it was, they said they would set up a wordpress blog for me and set up adsense account. Then they would fill it up with some shitty starting content and i would have to keep on adding to it and then finally if someday it would ever start making money, they would take 50% of the profit share. Seriously man, what is this?

Blogspot revolution again gave this another boost, and since anyone here can make a blog for free and get a adsense, adbrite or widgetbucks ad for free there they go. Millions of blogs are present today. If i was to talk about the 20:80 rule, it applies here. 20% of the blogs rule serve 80% of the blog readers.

I found something very funny about the current state of Blogosphere. I found so many blogs who treated blogs as posts. 1 post per blog. For every new post they created new blogs! Now I know why so many blogs exist.

The fact is that if you don’t get serious about posting content, your blog won’t reach heights. Another thing that i have noticed is that most bloggers aren’t focused on topics. One day you post about Obama and next day about hacking into a WiFi network, who is going to read your blog?

The best thing you get out from all the failures is that you get patterns of failure. As it is said, When Edision failed 999 times, he had 999 new ways how not to succeed which helped him get that final one attempt which got him the light bulb.

So bloggers pull up your socks for 2010 and get ready for a energy packed year ahead 😀