Remember those days? Apple Vs. Google? Google submitted the Google Voice app for review to Apple’s app store and then it just got rejected. Things got worse and Apple was blamed for going along with AT&T’s decision of not accepting the app. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) looked into the matter and asked all the three parties to answer it’s questions.

Things got even more worse and Google’s CEO, Eric Schimdt left Apple as a board of director. Then we smashed in the news that it was coming to iPhone with a Web Interface. Bang! Here it is!

Just go to to access the mobile version of Google Voice from your iPhone.

Google Voice for iPhone has arrived with a web interface. It’s designed using HTML5 which is responsible for most of the applications functionalities. There’s one problem. It’s in the browser Safari, Right? Want it as app on your SpringBoard? There is a simple trick that we used with Google Wave too, bring the app near the mail icon on my springboard!

By the way, its not just iPhone, but Palm Web OS has also got Google Voice now!

Google’s Official Blog Post here.