TechFest is a festival celebrating technology, neat? Anyway this event is held at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Its a really huge event . Well i spent my todays day there. quite an amazing place and even more when with my friend Monik Pamecha (Editor at Etiole). The campus is huge and if one walks all the way, feet ache.

Anyways let me acquaint you with the stuff i witnessed.

  • I entered the Campus and the first thing i saw was the Inferno Throttle. A small racecourse set up for the racing of remote controlled cars. quite nice.
  • then next we went on to see the  Military weapons and defence things used by the defence department of the Government.  There  were quite a bit of them and very practical in use.
  • We further went to down walking without any idea and we reached the area of Robowars. There was a glass cage set up and there were two robots at a time. The robots were with blades spikes and all things to ruin the other robot. It was like nuts ans screws around all over (not really). One of them was nice in which one robot took the other above it and made it immobile.
  • Next we walked around and got into a enclosure where an old gentlemen was telling us the correct use of digital cameras and DSLR’s even till the fact how to hold them. He told us why film cameras are out of use. He also told us the difference between the ethical and unethical means photo editing. The gentleman also told us:

The world runs behind more mega-pixels, but it isn’t about that. The sensor of the camera has to be good. An 7 mega-pixel camera can do a better job than a 14 mega pixel.

  • We further kept walking, now we reached the open ground. out there people were flying radio controlled air planes made by themselves. all one could see in the sky was air planes(not completely but somewhat). Some made an awesome flight whereas some did not survive. Anyways nice experience.
  • Later in the night we saw 3D Holographic view at the Open air theatre with a public of over 10,000 people! Next what we observed was just amazing. Mountain Bikers from M.A.D had entered and showed us some of their brilliant stunt moves!

I then went back and Monik continued to witness other things with others. It was a nice day and I enjoyed. All the mumbaikars you can go to IIT Powai with on this Saturday and Sunday, to witness other things.

Day 2

  • We jumped into some action and played lazer tag. The game is seriously fun and i think everyone must play it once. It’s just like playing shooting games, in reality and also no one gets hurt this time!
  • We had a look at the A.N.T.Z competition where students of IIT and other participants had prepared robots and were to walk on certain paths and were acquainted with sensors to sense objects and move them aside and then continue their path.
  • Dr. Lars Rasmussen (Co-Founder of Google Wave and Google Maps) was also there and after waiting for 1 hour in a long line we got a chance to listen to his words. We’ll be posting of what all he said in the next post!
  • Just after the event we lined up back again for the entry at Open Air theatre. Tony Chapek (master illusionist) and Nexus Europe which a group of Artists who do dance, kung foo and acrobatics, all in one mashup performance which the crowd loved!

Day 3 is on now! Don’t miss this chance! For more information go to!

Image Credit : Onlygizmos