Apple and Adobe are having a kind of coldwar. This all started when Flash was not included in the iPhone OS and now not on the iPad OS too. Recently at a town hall meeting, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs slammed Adobe and called it lazy.

There have been huge discussions, lengthy blog posts written, tweets all over. Tablets could be the future of browsing and Apple is already a leader in Mobile device manufacturing so it could be a major game player in the future and Adobe knows this fact very well. Apple had skipped flash with the launch of the iPad and perhaps this could be a huge loss to Adobe as they miss a lot of consumers and to consumers as they miss a lot of content.

Apple is not interested in integrating flash in either of it’s platforms (iPhone or iPad) and their CEO in a town hall meeting with their execs said that the future is HTML5. Folks at Adobe did take it seriously and constantly forced on the fact that Flash is installed on about 98% on computers all over the world and 75% of video content is flash and flash covers a huge portion of active content on the Web.

They are announcing Flash for top platforms like Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and these partnerships are a part of the Open Screen Project which has over 50 partners.

For example, the recentĀ Nexus One from Google will rock with a great experience in the browser with Flash Player 10.1.

Adobe can do two things

  • Either get flash integrated or
  • Stop consumers from buying Apple Products

They say they have tried first method whose failure leads them to no other option than the second one. Apple and Google have also grown hostile and as they saw Sharing a common enemy makes way to a great friend, and same applies here. Adobe and Google are taking each other’s cover in their fight against Apple.

Adobe could possible start promoting Google products publicly surely as they’ve got Adobe technology integrated and this would be profitable to both of the companies.