We’ve continually heard that Apple (After acquisition of Lala) was looking forward to launch a Cloud based locker service which would align itself with iTunes.com or maybe MobileMe. Rumors were that Google was also planning for something like this. Suddenly, out of the blue we have Amazon which unleashes the Cloud Drive and a Cloud based Music player too.

So what is Cloud?

You’ve been hearing about this since few years. What is it exactly?

“Cloud computing refers to the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network.” – From WikiPedia.

Cloud Computing revolves around around data. It’s not physically with you but on the “Cloud” servers and you do not mandatorily need your computer to access it but varied types of devices for example, Your smartphone or tablets can also access the data using appropriate applications. This makes it easier to access data quickly from different devices.

What is Amazon offering?

It’s offering a cloud drive with 5GB worth of free space to upload and store your media (Music and Videos) and documents safely. All you need is a Amazon Account which is free and a browser to access the website and push content up or download it to other computers. They are offering tools to make your migration to cloud much easier. Once such tool scans you computer and auto-uploads all the music files to the cloud drive.

You can upgrade your plans. Well, pricing is $1 per GB. Yes, that simple.  It doesn’t work on iOS but works on Android based devices. The service is surely better than the competitor DropBox which does not allow such flexibility as Amazon. There’s some cool offer going on which lets you buy a MP3 album and upgrade to 20GB plan.  Give it a try here, it’s surely worth it.